“A kernel panic, also known as computer death or PC death, is an action taken by an operating system upon detecting an internal fatal error from which it cannot safely recover.”

” Begin: Mounting root file system…  …

/init: /init: 151: syntax error:  0xforce=panic

Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

That was the very definition of KP and below that was what possibly what the error screen will show you if  your system undergoes KP.

But is it what you see when you und3rg0 a kernel panic?

I know that question doesn’t make much sense as i cl3arly am talking about computers here and asking if it happens to you. But th1nk it through. Just because ‘kernel’ is attached to ‘panic’ it possibly cann0t mean it is limited to a c0mput3r.  At the end of the day we(humans) are no d1ff3rent from these machines.

This term fa5cinat3s me so much that i figured we can talk about it. But the twist is, instead of talking bout a computers kernel panic lets talk about 0urs.

Ever b33n in a situation that sw00p the ground from under your feet? Or a situation filled with embarrassment or f3ar? Say no, and i found a liar. We all have been there, at least once at some point in our l1fe. I, for sure have been there a m1lli0n times. And whenever that happens to us, no matter how big or 5mall it is, it takes time for us to recover from it doesn’t it? That’s our version of kernel panic, sorta. It’s that time period be7w3en that moment and us recovering from that moment. The stage where all hell breaks lose for atleast a 5pl1t  second and our system reb00ts itself to get back to it’s normal state.

Think about all the people who have been sc4rr3d by something that happened to them or something that they did. People who are 5uic1dal  or on the brink of collapse. We simply pat their 5hould3rs and claim that “they are going through a tough time” but the truth is that an internal fatal error was tr1gger3d  in them which led them to a state from which they cannot easily be r3c0ver3d. Thus, a kernel panic. it can be from anything, problem in their m0ral code(internal system issue) or through an external f0rce(a virus) which led them to this blue screen of d3ath(panic). Now, when your system undergoes something like this you tr4ck its source and depending on the source you resolve it either by yourself or through the help of an engineer or a h4cker. But which hacker or engineer helps us when we go thr0ugh the same situation? None. And that’s the beauty of it. The c0nfigurat1on within us is so advance that after living under a r0ck for a bit it reboots itself automatically. Ain’t that fa5cinat1ng? And for those who couldn’t make through it (god bless them) is probably b3c4use they were due for a software update. We have all our friends and families to help us through t1m3s like that but our recovery doesn’t happen because of their g00dw1ll but because of us realising that it’s time for us to drop the charades and 5tand back up. It’s because of us processing and logging all of that data into a server and making that s5erv3r our own honeypot. When the motherboard collapses it still has the support of the other h4rdwar3 but that support doesn’t do much for it now does it? We ourself are our engineers or hackers. We f1x ourselves. So, don’t worry if you have something within y0urs3lf that scares or embarrasses or kills you. No matter how dark or light it may be it’s upt0 you to fix it and not run away from it. That’s the only difference between these m4ch1n3s and us, an external force fixes theirs, where as we fix our own kernel panic. So don’t be 5car3d. Shut down your system, r3b00t it, update your software and trust me you’ll be good to go k1dd0.

At the end of the day, one difference doesn’t make us all that d1ff3rent  from these beloved m4ch1nes of ours. Does it?


What is Music?

Creation. Satisfaction. Rhythm. Melody. Peace. Solace. Exile.

These are a few one word answers by some people I know. but, what is music actually? These 7 words can describe it but are they enough? Are these the answers or definitions you will give once this question is asked to you? I Don’t think so.

The world we live in is filled with places to see, experiences to gather, sights to behold and people to encounter but that’s just not it. Everything to be seen and done carries a motive a meaning and a definition behind it and because of the society we live in above all else that definition matters the most as people say “if you can’t define something that’s probably because you don’t know what it is” Really man!? Get a life! It’s just funny while i am talking about definitions here i recall that recently in an exam of mine there was a question that said “Define Culture.” And i was like “how can i define that! I know what it is, duh. But really?!?”.  So, based on all of that i just wanted to see what music is? Just to get to know it more and probably even “define” it. Come on! At least i can try.

I in person listen to a lot of music. Whenever I am headed out I have my earphones on and something is rocking in full blast. When at home I play a lot of video games but even after that I listen to some more music on my television via YouTube. And I have seen a lot of people walking on the streets or in the train or in the bus with earphones on listening to something , looking at that and doing the same thing one question comes to my head “why do we do that?” I mean it’s good to listen to music at any given time but doing it everytime? Is it necessary? Or is it just another trend? I have heard people who travel long distances claiming that “no worries! I have my earphones with me” are they just listening because the road ahead is long or are they actually interested in it and pay close attention? I for one listen music for at least 8-10 hours a day and pay close attention to every syllable said and every single beat played I cannot fathom the fact of ignoring it and just listening to whatever plays. Good music and beats are what make me want to groove and forget my surrounding whereas well written lyrics and vocals make me feel connected to the singer and take me to a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes even send shivers down my spine. But do people do the same? I find it funny that I am asking all these questions  while I am writing this and yet again am listening to something. But it’s fascinating to me that something that is just rhythms and voices is an easy getaway from everything for us and is now such an integral part of our life that living without it feels impossible.

Living without it feels impossible I said but it’s not like music is something that came into existence recently. It goes way back. Before Jon Bellion “woke the f*ck up” or The Chainsmokers pulled us “closer” or before Alan walker told us that we are not “alone” while Mako was driving “into the sunset” and XYLØ was “between the devil and the deep blue sea while Poets Of The Fall were sentenced to “drama for life” for visiting the “carnival of rust”. Hell! It’s even before John Mayer was going through a “heartbreak warfare” asking “who says?” and “why Georgia?” while he was  “free fallin” and Daft Punk was going in “One more time working “harder, better, faster, stronger” Then there were the days when Billy Joel told us the tale of “The Downeaster Alexa” while singing the songs of the “piano man” whereas Laura Branigan was losing her “self control” and Elvis Presley couldn’t help but”fall in love with you”. And the funny thing is among these few artists mentioned, with their back to back hits music goes ways back. It wasn’t the rhythm and melody we love today or the EDM we rave on or even the Jazz we so fondly listen to. It was something very different something very simple and yet entertaining. Whereas what we listen to today is its evolution over time periods and yet sometimes we take it for granted which shouldn’t be the case. Who knows what it will be like 50 years from now.

Even though there is no lack of talent on the streets and in the industry the foundation was laid way before Justin Bieber or Maroon 5 or even before Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra. And even before the genres were separated, giving music flavours of alternative, rock and punk rock, hip hop, jazz, pop etc. Etc. You get the picture. But this is just the western part. The world is a massive place with different cultures and societies and music is present everywhere. Everyone has their own take on music all over the world. Africans, Chinese, Russians, Indians to name a few.

Something that’s present among us for such a long period of time shouldn’t be taken for granted no matter what and should be respected even more than it already is. I mean our environment, our nature has a music of its own that’s probably where we got our version of music. But we prefer to listen to ours than that of nature. Music is our day to day getaway and its a glue that binds us together. People go to concerts and just get lost in the environment even ending up making new friends and celebrating this beauty. How peaceful and great is that! Music has the power to bind humanity together and the artists and composers who are behind it are nothing but rare gems filled with talent which are really hard to find. So it’s ok if you don’t like something that I do everyone is free to have choices but fighting over it and proving a point and comparing two separate entities and arguing over which is better is just plain stupid in my opinion. You have your favourite artist, I have mine that’s where it should simply end. Music is a mind state, it’s a way of life and I am glad that’s it exists. And the best part is its EVERYWHERE! We have had so many great artists in the past and we have some really good ones now and will hopefully have great ones in the future too. Legends of the industry like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and John Lennon to name a few didn’t die they simply became music and will always be remembered through their voices and work.

So I am pretty sure I wasn’t able to define music but I did my best to explain it I guess. The name of this post is “what is music?” That’s something with a bazillion answers but I have just one question which can be answered. What is music to you?