Utopic City

I had a dream the other night,

A dream that really opened my eyes.

A dream which showed me the way,

Towards a time that must come and stay.

A dream that told me it’s time,

Of a world where there is no crime.

A dream that said if we try,

We can kiss poverty goodbye.

A dream where there are no wars,

Where every corner opened new doors.

A dream where hunger is dead,

And everyone got their piece of bread.

A dream where every kid gets educated,

And live the life that they long awaited.

A dream where narcissism is slayed,

In a world where no one needs to be afraid.

A dream where no one is out classed,

Where Racism and bigotry are the things of the past.

A dream where religion is gone,

And no one is superior in this new dawn.

A dream where there are no tears,

Where every morning life is switching gears.

A dream with no need of politics,

Where no one fills their pockets with a bag of tricks.

A dream which had no flaws,

And everyone got their round of applause.

That’s when i woke up lost and sad,

Trying to find the lost dream that i had.

Screaming my head off in agony and pain,

Realizing that we are stuck in this rain.

But then came the time for the sun to shine,

And it hit me we can make it happen if we grow a spine.

All we need to do is get rid of the phobia,

To make this world our beautiful utopia.




Dressed in red and blue, is a man who flies

Gets his powers from our sun, takes good care of bad guys.

For some an alien, for others a god

He was the protector, who fought against all odds.

He was Metropolis’s hero, people called him Superman

But like everything else, he met the end of his time.

The crimes went up, hope started to die

But the silent guardian, continued watching the night.

He kept fighting, with guilt in his heart

Starting a battle, that was long lost.

Dressed like a bat, in the streets of Gotham

He assembled a team, as he had no other option.

Diana Prince got Cyborg, and Batman got The Flash

In this league of meta humans, Aquaman was the last.

They fought the invader, Steppenwolf was his name

Making them realize, they needed the Kryptonian to win this game.

They knew it was a bad idea, but they had to take the shot

As bringing him back to life, was not a lost cause.

Kal-El rose back from the dead, in the fortress of solitude

Lost, confused and angry, wanting to end this feud.

He grabbed Bruce by the chin, and asked him “do you bleed?”

Then Lois showed up, he grabbed her and flew away with speed.

The final battle was approaching, but Clark was gone

Back to his house in Kansas, to find his new dawn.

The motherboxes joined together, and formed the unity

Darkseid was approaching, but the league fought to save our community.

The five battled in Russia, against an entire army

But without a Superman, this night became stormy.

The odds were against them, the sky turned red

A beacon of hope showed up, to put an end to this dread.

Superman flew in, leaving the bad guys in shock

Saved some civilians and fought, but stood there like a rock.

The good guys smiled, joked and mocked, amidst the fight

Steppenwolf finally lost, and superman restored the light.

Thorns turned into flowers, a final sigh of relief

Hope was restored, and justice was believed.

Everyone settled happily, the hall of justice was formed

With six seats surrounding the table, and more available for other heroes inbound.

The justice league is born, but this is not the end

As injustice league awaits, with Lex Luthor and his friends.











Remember the nights? When we used to have fights?

There were awesome sights. Of watching you ignite.

After the arguments. We threw some amazing compliments.

With a candlelight. And some wine to delight.


Remember the days? We spent lying on barrels of hay?

In the backyard barn. Talking in the silence and calm.

Dreaming of a future. With god knows how many bloopers.

Living in Prague. With you writing beautiful blogs.


Remember the rain? The day we got off the train?

Back in New York. And we went to Central Park.

We missed our flight. But you kissed me with delight.

We stayed for one more day. The entire time in a cafe.


Remember the snow? We spent smoking tobacco?

A long, long time ago. In the streets of Moscow.

You said vodka is the best. And i said that's far-fetched.

We smoked a few more puffs. And figured it was enough.


Those were fun times. With tequila and limes.

Some extra spicy chicken. And stories of Charles Dickens.

For all the times we fought. And all the selfies with a pout.

And all the flowers that i bought. I am sorry i said Get Out.





Starts in the morning, With calm winds blowing.

Birds are chirping, And the sun is glowing.

Up in the sky, The planes fly high.

Down below, It’s hot or snow.

Sometimes it rains, Which captures the frame.

Kids going to school, And teenagers acting cool.

Mom and dad go to office, And their parents believe in prophets.

Someone gets a train, To explore what remains.

A street artist plays guitar, And the theatre gives yet another rising star.

And happy plucks flowers, While frustrated jumps from another tower.

The newly weds are walking, While someone drops into another coffin.

Babies are crying, While the politicians are spying.

Doctors are trying, And armies occupying.

With so much sighing, The sun starts dying.

The moonlight’s ominous, And the streets bustle in the metropolis.

People have dinner, And someone becomes a sinner.

It’s time for bed, And the farmer shuts his shed.

It all goes silent, And sleeps the violence.

But that’s not the end, As it all begins again.

People wonder if they have another choice?

But that’s the beauty of it, it’s called the circle of life.




London, 2016, It’s the middle of the night,

Me and my friends go out on the streets in the dead dreary night.

It’s snowing heavily and the streets are covered in mist,

From the corner of our eye we see a kiosk covered with lights.

We walk towards it with curiosity in our eyes,

And to our surprise the guy was selling chai.

With shivering cold rushing through our bones,

We ordered a glass each to make us feel close to our homes.

After the first sip we cringed and looked,

As everyone was disappointed with how awfully it was cooked.

We laughed about it later when we had chai in our usual place,

Discussing how thousands of miles gave it an average taste.


“Adventure” he said

“Lets go to the forest.”

We were walking in the woods

Avoiding any trouble.

Kilometers ahead into the forest

We kept on walking to look for our spot.

A roaring sound was heard

And appeared a lion.

Leaving us terrefied

Asking “are you lost?”

We said “no sir”.

“We just came for an adventure.”

Laughed the lion and said

“Thank you for my feast”.



Sitting around the corner,

Right next to the coffee shop.

She shows up on time with honor,

And ordered her regular honey drop.

Twenty feet away,

I was sitting still.

When something unusual happened,

Which was adrenaline filled thrill.

She waved at me,

And said “hi!”.

Told me “java chip” was her favourite,

And asked me “if you want to try?”

For six weeks straight,

I have been looking at you.

Waiting for this moment,

Questioning “is this all true?”

You sit here everyday,

With your golden retriever.

What happened to her today?

Where did she disappear?

Those eyes went blooming,

A smile popped on.

Then a question came my way,

“Do you like dogs?”

I said i am more of a cat person,

But i liked your dog.

She had a very pleasant vibe,

Which wasn’t very odd.

I like cats too!

And she said the word meow.

Leaving me in a state of WOW,

Making me question “how?”


When you want to go straight,

But are forced to turn left.

In the beginning it felt great,

But the rain only gets you wet.

Going through the storm,

Getting drenched in water.

You see a bright light,

And march towards it faster.

When you get near it,

It only gets farther.

And then you realise,

Mirage’s cannot be captured.

But with positive hope,

You head for the horizon.

Finding sunlight on the way,

And knowing you will grab it.

And just like that,

The weather turns warm.

Giving you more hope,

Take you away from the storm.

Though the horizon is far,

I know i will grab it.

Marching through the path,

Knowing that i have it.