About me!? Well! That’s tough. That’s a question only personal experience can answer. Even great philosophers, scientists and psychologists failed to answer that! But that’s the fun of it right? I mean if everyone is clear about themselves then where will people like me go? And this world needs a few nutjobs.
BMM Student (that’s bachelor of mass media if y’all don’t know that) from New Delhi, India residing in Mumbai, India.

Creativity stands atop everything plus it’s everywhere so use it!

Music, Movies, Stories basically arts is what i live for and what i LOVE the most are intelligent conversations. So strap yourself for a long haul if you wanna talk!!

Oh! And one more thing! Gaming is what i do most of my time thus my name “Kampusking” which is also my gamertag on Xbox and my username on Instagram and Snapchat and…. Well, You get my point!


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