Remember the nights? When we used to have fights?

There were awesome sights. Of watching you ignite.

After the arguments. We threw some amazing compliments.

With a candlelight. And some wine to delight.


Remember the days? We spent lying on barrels of hay?

In the backyard barn. Talking in the silence and calm.

Dreaming of a future. With god knows how many bloopers.

Living in Prague. With you writing beautiful blogs.


Remember the rain? The day we got off the train?

Back in New York. And we went to Central Park.

We missed our flight. But you kissed me with delight.

We stayed for one more day. The entire time in a cafe.


Remember the snow? We spent smoking tobacco?

A long, long time ago. In the streets of Moscow.

You said vodka is the best. And i said that's far-fetched.

We smoked a few more puffs. And figured it was enough.


Those were fun times. With tequila and limes.

Some extra spicy chicken. And stories of Charles Dickens.

For all the times we fought. And all the selfies with a pout.

And all the flowers that i bought. I am sorry i said Get Out.




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