generations.pngLet’s talk about generations today. It’s a funny word isn’t it? And yes i am talking about human generations and not the generations of iPhones. Duh. We’ve had so many people before us and so many are going to come after us so we, smart intellectual human beings coined them as our past and future “generations” and what happened then? Well the century long never ending debate of which generation is the best? Perfect! That’s all we wanted and asked for! The most famous taunt of the century is “ugh, you and your generation” that we get quite too often from our elders and is like music to my ears so i figured why not decide which generation is best?

Let me simply cut the chase and say it out loud in the very beginning itself the answer is OURS! And no i am not being biased. The answer is as follows. The previous generation so to speak has been through tough times. They didn’t have the beauty we know and enjoy in technology. They weren’t comfortable enough in public spaces and are simply to say quite reserved. They didn’t and don’t enjoy life as we do. They prefer not to travel by planes as they strongly believe that the particular plane they will fly in will definitely crash and not the million others that take flight on a daily basis. They didn’t drive BMW’s and Mercedes’s, IDIOTS. And for some reason they distance themselves from comfort and luxury but they always wanted a life filled with them! I mean how? What? Why? Old people man. Tough to understand. Yeah, one more thing even when it comes to pop culture these old bags are biased as all hell! They still believe Elvis Presley is the best singer/musician, that there is no one better than directing movies than Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Ridley Scott(duly noted) and for some reason are stuck with Nixon’s presidency.  And oh my god believing all that is one thing but claiming that guitar is for kids and the real deal is an oboe is another! Oboe? SERIOUSLY? AN OBOE? What the hell is even an oboe? (exaggerated, obviously) But with all these problems they are still really awesome and we love them! But can someone please stuff this in their minds that being old doesn’t always mean that you are right everytime! But seriously love y’all to death. Salt on earth.

Step in to our generation. I said we are the best and let me tell you why. Because we are the only ones and luckily will be the only ones on this planet who acknowledge and admire the beauty of both sides. We are the only ones who firmly believe that best isn’t only what the present is providing us with. We love listening to EDM and all the other shit that plays today but still(on days) love to swing towards Elvis and Sinatra. We are the only ones understand and admire contemporary art but at the same time love the work of Picasso, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. We are the only ones that get flattered with the beauty of Christoper Nolan on screen and at the same time know that Kubrick and Spielberg were the original bad boys.  How can you say that Coldplay is bad man!? Grow up! Sorry i mean grow young. Also we are the only ones that want and love to work our assess of rather than being sitting ducks and enjoying (which we can totally do by the way).  And aside from all of this we are the only ones who have the capability and understanding of making decisions in both practical and emotional ways rather than just making them with the computing and thinking power of a potato. So yeah! so many positives! And before y’all get started of us being impulsive, reckless or disrespectful well, make one thing absolutely clear all of that begins from your side. And of course we are reckless have you never heard YOLO? My bad! You only live once(YOLO).

And the generation after us? Well, the less said about them the better. And yes i am being biased here but no they cannot win because we and the oldies feel the same about them and as i know majority wins! So yay! End of debate there.

So yes that was my absurd approach towards that topic which i 100% stand by, by the way. It’s ok fellas someone always has to win and someone always is the best in this case we are and always will be. Signing off.


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