We all dream don’t we? And today of all days i had this this dream which i cannot define as to why i had or what was it. In simple words i can say it was the weirdest and the most scariest thing that i’ve ever seen till date which sent shivers down my spine and i really can’t get it out of my head. So i decided the best way to get it off my chest was to write about it. Lets begin now shall we?

Jump back to my childhood home. And to let you guys know a basic layout of the place i used to live in, i’ll describe that area a wee bit. It was a colony with a HUGE park at the center of it and god knows how many buildings and apartments. I used to live in a house which was in the corner of my lane and the way from the park to my house was pretty straight forward and short.

So. The dream begins and it’s just me and my friend walking through the park towards my house with no one to be seen and only silence to be heard. We don’t think of the situation as to being unusual and continue our march. Almost at the exit and the weather goes dark, like a huge storm is about to hit us. The best way for you to understand it is lets say the “grey” filter from the movies was applied to our surroundings. I look up and all i see is a sea of vultures flying over my head. And all of a sudden i hear a million dogs crying all at once. I look forward and i see Grim Reaper sulking into the corner as he was there only to make sure that i saw him and notice that he was hiding from my sight. For reasons unknown i don’t say anything and leave the park. At the gate of the park i turn around and tell my friend that “someone’s trying to kill me”. He looks at me, laughs and says “you are out of your mind. Shut up and enjoy the beautiful weather.” I just look back again and i see an old man with only half a face who has a huge rifle aimed at me. I duck down and run towards my street. My friend disappears and i see two snakes battling or playing and when i stop near them they just look and me and “hiss” as to they were trying to tell me something. I couldn’t get it so i ignore that and walk towards my house when suddenly a guy comes running towards me with a bucket of acid in his hands. My legs just stops responding so i duck down on that very spot. A couple minutes later i look up again and see that the man has disappeared and there a stray dog standing right there and barking at me with a volume so loud that it will tear my eardrums. I run towards my house and the dog just stands there barking. Right when i stop, take a breath and am happy that i am about to enter my house i see what appears to be atleast a dozen nuns all with bloodied knives and cleavers in their hands. I stop and look at them for a second and they just do the same. I start taking steps backwards and they start moving towards me. I get scared and i start increasing my pace but so do they. Scared and Panicked i fall down on my head running backwards and at that very moment i wake up. Scared. Breathing heavily and Sweating.

I know it’s nothing worth writing but it is a story after all. And the part that is bothering me the most is that i was scared and defenceless in my own dream. It felt like i was transported into some other reality or someone else’s dream who hates me. It’s just scary and uncomfortable at least to me so i figured maybe writing about it will make me not think about it anymore.

Anyway, thanks for reading something personal of mine.


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